Easels Hire - all Jarrah Timber - hire starts from artist easel $9.90 Dual easel $17.50 with extra 2 - 4 display options Executive Easel (Heavy items) $50.00 Started easel hire in Australia in 1984- WE KNOW EASEL HIRE

At Easels Frames & Displays we cater to all your display needs. From the standard most used Artist Easel to the double sided Dual Easel or the exclusive Executive Easel for that heavy item. We also cater for flip charts conference use and wooden plinths for multiple display purposes.

Easel Frames & Display was Australia’s original Easel Hire Service back in 1984. We specialize in Jarrah Hardwood Easels (Swan River Mahogany) for our easels. This hardwood is strong and lasting making our new and secondhand (ex- hire) easels world class.

We cater to the Australia wide rental and sales market for our easels. Our location makes us the premier and premium supplier of easels in Western Australia. We have supplied the backup to all the leading Hire companies in Perth for 30 years. They have sub hired and brought our easels for decades to supply easels to their customers. We simply know the easel hire and sales business better than anyone. We have even bought back our own old easels for refurbishment {good old sanding and re-oiling} to place them back into the Hire world.

Our wooden plinths are made by us and our hire prices are the lowest in Perth. Our flip charts are all metal and we offer the usual low rate with all the paper rolls needed price inclusive.

Since 1984 Easels Frames & Displays has developed a strong presence in the Australian market. Our specializing in the Perth market is unmatched with customer service. When the big boys in the hire market run out they come to us for help. Some Hirers even refer us to their customers as we’ve had good long and mutual associations.

We simply know what you need to display your goods. Our customer base is wide and extensive over some 30 years. It all started with those few easels I built for a bush artist friend Tam Ambrose and that census collection man who stated "my wife needs to hire a few of those easels sitting in your garage for her art school" and rest is history. A long association of jarrah hardwood easels and the hire world of Australia have developed.

Looking ahead through the help of social media and the net we aim to stay in touch with our customers. We promise to maintain our excellent customer service and be in touch with the latest developments in the easel world.

We Provide top quality products with top-class service

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