Our Clients

We started the Australian Easel Hire Industry in 1984. This is the home of Australia’s Original Easel Man.

We have hired and sold easels to Australians far and wide, even past the Black Stump. If someone wanted an easel we’ve looked after their needs. Other Easel Men have copied our designs, copied our rates but we still out build them and offer the best customer service. Our prices go up very slowly. Give us a call; we can easily match their costs. Show me their written quotes and it will be pleasure competing to do your job. Charities all over Australia come to us for a Special 20% hire cash back receipted offer.

They include:

  • Constable Care Child Safety Foundation
  • Red Door Church
  • Duxton Hotel
  • Crown Hotel
  • Trinity College
  • Creative Communities
  • Dome Cafe
  • Perth Party Hire
  • Retina Aust
  • Suncorp Group

We Provide top quality products with top-class service

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